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The Boy Who Dared

Posted on Feb 15, 2014 by in Book Reviews | 1 comment

The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Just as the Nazis are rising to power, Helmuth Hubener, a German schoolboy, is caught up in all the swashbuckling bravado of his time. The handsome stormtrooper uniforms, the shiny jackboots and armbands, the rousing patriotism-all serve to draw him into this bright new world full of promise and hope.

In the beginning his patriotism is unwavering. But every day the rights of people all over Germany are diminishing.

Jews are threatened and their businesses are being destroyed. The truth has been censored, and danger lurks everywhere. Anybody can turn on you. The world has turned upside down: Patriotism means denouncing others, love means hate, and speaking out means treason. How much longer can Helmuth keep silent? (from jacket cover)

As I read this book, I felt like everything that happened, was expected. I knew what was going to happen, literally.

Helmuth was obviously going to speak out. He was obviously going to do something. Everything was given away to easily. The characters intent was given away. That guy who told the officials about Helmuth giving away rebellious pamphlets or whatever? Totally called it. Knowing he’ll die? Yup, I knew.

This story was told in flashback yeah, but those snippets of the present also made everything obvious. The story itself was interesting and all, but mehhhh.

I know this was an actual story, and the author will write what happened based on…what actually happened. It’s a great story, but I wish the author wrote it more…mysteriously? To keep readers guessing.

Really, I can’t say anything about the characters much because they’re real people who made those actions and I’m not going to judge them.

3.5 out of 5

1 Comment

  1. Well, I would have to disagree with your rating. I absolutely loved that book. I did know all of tose things were going to happen, but personally I thought it was interesting how the autor wrote the book. She obviously tried to make it more appealing to all readers, not just the nonfiction lovers. I would give it a 4.5/5