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When you Reach Me

Posted on Oct 24, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

When you reach me by Rebecca Stead

Miranda knows how her life goes. She knows where to go, the routine and the crazy laughing man at the corner.

But things all changed when her best friend, Sal, randomly gets punched by another boy on the street. After this, he shuts her out for some reason and everything starts to change.

Miranda starts getting notes from a mysterious person. The notes say to write a letter and it doesn’t even say to whom.

She ignores them, hoping it would disappear. But then, she realizes that these notes actually have a meaning, and it might be too late to take action.

I had to read this book for Book Club, and it is so amazing. It normally wouldn’t be the book I would randomly pick off the shelf, but it’s so awesome!

When I read the first few chapters, I was kind of confused. Then after reading more: okay…what’s the point of this book? What happens? Why all this time travel talking?

And then the laughing man dies and it all made sense.

The way the author wrote that chapter he dies, it was so simple. It was kind of written in slow motion. You realizing what happens. But you feel sad.

He’s one of those characters that you think are just one of those background characters and are so annoying but when they’re gone, you feel empty. Then you realize that the laughing man was actually important.

But there’s more! You find out random punching dude, Marcus, is the laughing man WHAT?! This was seriosuly unexpected I thought that HE was the bad guy. I thought the laughing man was a crazy bad dude too. Like…they were working together and I was completely wrong.

What I love most about this book, is that it was unexpected. Miranda didn’t actually do anything. You would think that this is such a boring story but if you read it through it isn’t.

The characters though, weren’t really memorable, but I’m guessing that wasnt supposed to be the main topic that’ll be discussed at Book Club.

4.5 out of 5