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Posted on Nov 1, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

Virals by Kathy Reichs

Tory Brennan isn’t like all the other girls where she lives. Stuck-up, rich and like your ordinary popular girl group. Im fact, all of her friends are boys. Hiram, Ben and Sheenan.

When the group finds a dogtag, they are determined to find what it means. Their search of clues lead them to a dog who Tory had once rescued from a ditch. They find he has a disease that are deadly to dogs, and fear he has been experimented on.

This one little rescue leads the group to a murder case of Katherine Heaton, a girl who has died because of…what? The friends dig in further to find out who murdered her, but what if she got murdered by someone they knew?

I picked this book as a recommendation from my school librarian and it was a really great read. My friend and I were racing to see who would finish first and of course that motivated me. (I won by the way)

I never read this kind of book before. I read books about kids with…a sort of disease (Max Ride) but this really stood out

It was a bit slow at first; my friend was about to give up, but as you read on, it’s a real action packed book.

I thought that the little snap snup think was random and out of place but then I realized it was from Coop and I thought they were all going to die but no. They now have these dog senses and I particularly think it’s awesome. I can clearly imagine the golden eyes.

The characters were enjoyable to read about. Everyone was great except that Sheenan Sheram guy. I can’t even remember his name. Tory is very boyish yes yes and she’s awesome. It’s funny how she’s the one convincing the boys to do hese daredevil things.

Then Chance and Hannah are suddenly evil WHAT?! I didn’t suspect them at ALL. I was more toward the Karsten dude and that he was the evil one but then he DIES.

What now? Oh Hannah turns super evil and tries to kill people and makes Chance marry her later yah okay it’s all good. It was a big plot twist and I loved it.

I loved this book and I thought it was the end. I just found out that it was a series. I wanted to read more about the Virals

5 out of 5