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The Unknowns

Posted on Sep 15, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

The Unknowns by Benedict Carey

Typical Adjacent, no one had any idea what was coming. How could we? How can you ever know what it feels like to be hunted, really hunted down, if it’s never happened to you?

The most twisted part of it, though, was that two kids, Lady Di Smith and Tom Jones, figured out what was happening with the hidden tunnels, the strange number clues, all of it. And they did it by playing with straws… (-from jacket cover because I’m lazy)

Confusing book, but sort of interesting.

This book is supposed to be a mystery, which means you really need to read it in order to actually get the book. I usually have a habit of skimming whole chapters because I get excited so you probably guessed I didn’t understand a thing.

And numbers! I hate math and in this book, it plays a huge role in it. Once again, I was confused.

What kept me going was when Di and Tom actually did something. Those parts were usually pretty good. The pair also didn’t always no what to do and what the answer is which makes it realistic.

Like going into the tunnels, not sitting around solving problems and numbers and pi and circles and what the heck was circumference again or whatever you call it?

There are even little pictures where I still didn’t understand but that is sort of my fault so…yah. This book could have potential of being a good read if I 1) actually understand the math and 2) pay attention to what is happening.

Might read this again! 3.5/5