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The Scorch Trials

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

The Gladers have finally solved the maze. Thomas thought things were finally over. It was supposed to be the end of their troubles but it is far from over.

They find the Earth a total wasteland, burned by the sun. A disease called the Flare has turned people insane. These murderous people called Cranks roam around this land searching for there next victim.

WICKED has presented the Gladers another trial. To travel the Scorch and reach the “Safe Haven” in two weeks. Freedom is far from everyone’s reach. Will the Gladers ever escape there nightmare?

This book had a ton of action! Like…a lot.

They were all constantly in danger and there were plenty of twists. I was so surprised with Teresa and I can’t really help wanting to hit my face to the wall. Things worked out but I share Thomas’ doubts. Is Teresa really telling the truth? Is she lying?

We also get some new characters in this book. Brenda and Jorge. I don’t really like the Cranks. There is just something about them. Brenda sort of seems to be hanging on Thomas even though they just met which really confuses me.

WICKED is a confusing matter to me. I can’t really figure out if they are good or bad. I’m leaning more to the bad side. They are so mysterious and it keeps me reading.

Overall okay book. 3 out of 5