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The Maze Runner

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas doesn’t remember anything about his life. He somehow ended up in the Box and in the Glade, where other people also have no memory of their past life. But usual things start to happen once Thomas arrives in the Glade. *spoiler alert*

This book was so amazing! There was plenty of action and I was never bored once in this book. The writing style was very descriptive; I could imagine the Glade clearly in my mind.

I loved all of the characters, especially Chuck. Nobody really liked him and didn’t give him a second glance. Chuck seemed so lonely and Thomas was his only friend. ┬áHe ended up being my favorite character. I was devastated when he died for Thomas.

My mind: nope. Not true. Chuck will survive. …And then they just leave his body behind. WHY?!

5 out of 5. I would totally recommend this book to anyone and everyone.