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The Emerald Atlas

Posted on Mar 16, 2014 by in Book Reviews |

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

What was supposed to be a happy Christmas turned out to be a nightmare for Kate, Michael and Emma’s parents. Before the children were sent away from a mysterious danger, Kate’s mother tells her to keep her siblings safe.

Ten years from then, after Kate, Michael and Emma are sent from orphanage to orphanage, they find a book that can send them through time with only a photograph.

After losing the book while in the past, the siblings must find a way to get the book back, but an evil witch and kidnapped children wanting to go home holds them back.

An enchanted atlas, an evil witch and characters trapped in the past. This is your classic fantasy novel.

Although I personally think that the story was unoriginal and it was more than 400 pages, I wasn’t bored while I read this.

It was a interesting thing to read and much easier too. After reading fast paced YA novels with characters dying left and right, it felt good to see all of the characters making it to the end of the book for once.

Speaking of characters, throughout reading this, I was feeling really scornful at Kate. She just keeps falling for the Countess’ tricks and they were just so obvious it makes me want to laugh. She is really gullible and just really…stupid.

And Emma. When she was all like, “I saved the day! You should thank me!” I wanted to face palm. I mean, I get she’s a little kid with flaws and stuff but I guess I’m really used to the heroine of the book sucking it up and just moving on.

I’m actually more interested in the Countess and Gabriel. To be honest, I like characters that are dark. With dark pasts and dark emotions. I like dark.

An okay read overall. There wasn’t really a lot of depth, only at the part when Kate sees her mother