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The Darkest Minds

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 by in Book Reviews |

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Many would think that surviving a disease the killed many children would be a good thing. In this case, it’s not. If one survived the virus, they emerged with new abilities that people feared.

These children were taken into camps that are claimed to be helping them when really, are brutal to them.

Ruby survived the virus and manages to convince the camp that she is really a Green, someone who is a genius. What she really is a mind controller, someone who would be considered more dangerous and walked around the camp restrained.

When the truth came out, Ruby manages to escape with the help of a women but Ruby isn’t sure who to trust. Now on the run, she joins another group of kids with powers who had their own abilities as well. They plan to find a place rumored to be a place where others like her are safe.

But can the group really trust anyone but themselves?

That summary is so awful hngg

Do not trust my bad summary. This book is way more amazing than it seems.

I love how this book is so twisty and turny. You never know who the good guys are. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really trust Cate, Rob and Martin when I first read about them. There was something really iffy about them.

So when Ruby starts chasing Zu, I was screaming (in my mind), YES. GO FREE MY LITTLE BIRD. GO FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~!!!!!!!


Then she kind of gets dragged in Black Betty by Zu and pops up when they start driving. Like, what’s up guys I’m part of your club now.

It’s kind of a blur after that. It’s all driving in the car with these people she just met. Not too memorable.

When Zu finally displays her powers I was like, whoa. She doesn’t talk at all and…a lot like Nico from Percy Jackson (?). They both don’t talk (Well Nico actually talks but they’re both pretty…yeah) and they’re “in the shadows” But this kid can do stuff. This little eleven year old can totally save this group’s lives. You find out she’s a pretty jolly and she’s just a kid.

When Ruby and Zu were doing their little “girl time” oh my gosh she was so cute. I was shocked how they just let her go so easily. Like, I definitely wouldn’t have just said bye.

Moving on. When the gang finally reach this East River. I immediately did not trust this Clancy guy. This Clancy guy was a stalkerish creep. WHO EVEN WOULD TRUST THIS GUY. And when Ruby agrees to being trained by this guy I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! DON’T TRUST HIM. STOP. NO. STOP LETTING HIM INTO YOUR MIND.

And then this Clancy freak makes her paralyzed. THEN HE STARTS KISSING HER. NO, STOP IT YOU PSYCHO. I officially hated Clancy the moment I saw him and because of that, I hated him more.

OH but that’s not where it ends. He destroys THE WHOLE FREAKING CAMP. This guy is not a good dude. This guy is a very bad dude. I expect him to be a big problem in the next book.

They escape from Clancy eventually and when Chubs was delivering the letter THEN BAM. HE GETS SHOT. JUST LIKE THAT. The description on that scene was so…simple and sudden. “The gunshot tore through the sunset, and by the time I screamed, Chubs was already on the ground.” UM LIKE HOLY SHISH. THIS GUY JUST GOT SHOT.

Then it gets even worse when Ruby takes away Liam’s memories of her. Yep. Just yep. Alright. Okay. That’s how it ends. Just like that.

To be honest, I think they’re relationship just kind of came out of nowhere. Yeah. They like each other now. Alright, that’s happening. I kind of expected some romantic thing to happen (I mean, it’s YA) but there’s no build up. (Alright they touched hands but that was like only two times)

Anyway, it was a good book. Not one of the greatest I’ve ever read. It’s not too overly unique, but it was fun to read. I’m hoping that Chubs is okay. This is another book where I cared more for the characters than the actual plot.