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The Darkest Hour by Erin Hunter

Posted on Jul 6, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

The Darkest Hour by Erin Hunter

Firestar, the new leader of ThunderClan, doesn’t ease into his new leadership easily, he plunges in.¬†With Tigerstar determined to kill Firestar, a new prophecy unfolds. (Spoilers ahead)

“Four will become two. Lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest. ”

This is my favorite book out of all the Warriors books. It may be a little slow at first, but it’s worth reading about. The book will build up to an epic battle in the end.

The writing style is descriptive as always. When the clans were fighting with BloodClan, you feel like your actually in the battle. The clans seem real and alive. You can feel the danger. That’s how well this book was written.

After reading this book, I never looked at cats and forests the same way. Fun and adventurous book. 5 out of 5