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The 5th Wave

Posted on Oct 12, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

Cassie survived them all. The first, second, third, fourth. The fifth wave is approaching. Some aren’t as fortunate…or unfortunate.

Cassie’s little brother, Sammy, had been taken away to a “safe place” a long time ago. Her mom had been destroyed by a disease a long time ago. Her dad got killed by Them.

Cassie believed that being alone was the safest way to go. That was before she met Evan. Who is he? Why hasn’t he killed her yet? In the end, Evan might be Cassie’s only hope to find Sammy…if he’s still alive.

I read a few reviews online, and I don’t understand why they say it’s so bad. I thought it was full of action. I’m an action person, so obviously I loved this book. (Can’t say I’M really active though hehe)

I loved the plot! I haven’t really read much alien dystopia books so it was interesting for me. It was a bit slow at times, like when the characters have these flash backs to what happened, but not too boring. Also the part when Cassie was hanging around Evan’s house farm thing. But you also got to switch back to Zombie.

Another thing I like about this book: the different POV’s. If one POV is getting a little slow, it switches to another and it gets exciting again.

At the first part of the book, it was confusing about who was talking and such. But you find out as you read and I think the author did that on purpose. To spark some interest on who’s talking.

All the characters stood out. They were written perfectly but I liked Zombie/Ben the best. From Cassie’s POV, he was this confident, popular kid in high school. Then the waves and aliens started coming out. He got sent to this camp and his sister died because he ran. Ben went through a lot and it hardened him.

It’s really the same for all of the characters. That’s why I like them all~

4.5 out of 5