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School’s out Forever

Posted on Jul 7, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

School's out Forever by James Patterson

Max and the flock are now heading to Washington D.C. in search of their parents. Along the way, the flock meets with Erasers(wolf like humans) and Fang gets injured badly. The flock has no choice but to take him to the hospital.

They meet a FBI agent, who offers them a home. They all go to school and try to have a normal life.

But a new enemy comes forth and Max will have to face her biggest challenge yet.

Once again, James Patterson did an okay job. The book has tons of fight scenes and action. The characters were good and the plot was okay.

It was interesting to find out how the flock would react to going to a school. Gazzy and Iggy were definitely in character making bombs. You would think they would at least try to stay out of trouble but nope!

The battle with the Maxes was epic! Although it was kind of predictable that Max was going to fight her clone and everything but I didn’t expect Max not to kill Max 2. So that was pretty interesting.

The one thing that was meh was about Fang and Max. They didn’t really talk about the “Red-Haired wonder.” Does Fang really like her? Or Max? I found it kind of confusing.

Great book overall.  4 out of 5