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Notes from a Liar and her Dog

Posted on Dec 14, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

Notes from a Liar and her Dog by Gennifer Choldenko

All her life, Ant MacPherson has been disliked by her family. She just didn’t belong in that house and she knew she was adopted. How can she help it? Ant didn’t look like her mom or her sisters and she doesn’t get treated the same way.

Ant lies to her family all the time. They didn’t understand her, everything she ever says is a lie to them. The only family she has is Pistachio, her dog.

Why can’t she be normal and loved like her sisters Elizabeth and Kate? Why can’t she get attention and be happy like she used to be?

Okay, really bad summary sorry.

This book was quite interesting. The thing that stood out the most was the characters. We follow a main character who just wants to have attention. That is, in my point of view. Ant is very desperate for attention and likes her dog. At least she has a personality. If I like her personality or not, I’m not sure. She could be an attention seeker or just is lonely and wants approval it really depends if you put yourself in her shoes. Hey, not all characters is going to be a strong Katniss Everdeen.

We also know that Anr actually thinks that she’s adopted. I can kind of tell why she’s like this but…maybe Ant is a little over dramatic? I mean…yeah. But then again…Elizabeth and Kate are obviously the more favored ones.

Also Just Carol. Yeah she’s kind of weird for a teacher. She obviously has some effect on Ant’s life. Maybe she was sort of Ant’s ideal Mom? She was encouraging and caring and all that so I think that’s why Ant opened up a little to her.

Anyway, the plot…wasn’t that all too clear to me but it was a enjoyable and good book. It wasn’t really what kept me going. It was more the characters that interested me. (Plus, I have to read it for book club haha)

Overall, pretty okay book. I hear that this is Gennifer’s first novel so that’s pretty cool. 3.5/5