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Monsters of Men

Posted on Sep 27, 2014 by in Book Reviews |

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

As a world-ending war surges to life around them, Todd and Viola face unspeakably vast consequences of each action, each word, each monstrous decision. The indigenous Spackle are mobilizing to avenge their murdered people; ruthless human leaders are defending their factions; and a convoy of new settlers is approaching.

All the while, the ceaseless Noise continues laying all thoughts bare-and the projected will of the few threatens to overwhelm the desperate desire of many. (from book cover)

This is the most trolliest book I have ever read. “Oh, I know this is going to happen.” NOPE. “Now this will happen.” HAHA WRONG. “Okay I get it now-” YOLO! *get’s hit by a brick*

I can’t even count how many plot twists this book has okay there are so many. It makes you feel so many emotions and you don’t even trust anything that’s on that page because I’ve been tricked once, twice, three times, four…I just didn’t trust ANYTHING anymore. I got fooled in the second book, The Ask and the Answer and I thought I was prepared. HAHA NOT. Even at the end of this third book, you still cannot tell who’s good and bad.

The writing is like unicorn fart. (?) You get so into it. You ARE Todd and Viola. Even though you technically don’t make the stupid decisions they make (ahem) but still it’s just so amazing. You’re actually starting to get the feeling that maybe Mayor Prentiss…is good. Todd believed it, YOU believed it and that is why I LOVE Patrick Ness’ writing. It is so convincing and so magically written. It feels sincere and real.

So I kind of wanted to talk about Todd and Viola’s relationship. Throughout this book, Todd basically and maybe not consciously got rid of his Noise and that kind of worried her. It kind of made me think about if Viola actually trusted Todd or not. I mean, he was doing some stuff yea but…did she really need to hear what he was thinking? His Noise seemed to be a sort of reassurance to her and maybe their relationship in her point of view wasn’t as truthful.

Another thing about their relationship: it turned lovey dovey. I usually expect this kind of thing especially after Lee came to the picture. I kind of forgot about it though and when that part came I was a little bit disappointed. Yes, it’s YA fiction but was it truly needed? I thought it didn’t have to be that kind of relationship. Seriously, they just kissed once and then he dies. (Ima going to all caps scream about that later but for now going to keep my cool) . It’s almost unnecessary. I think it wouldn’t have made a difference at all. Their relationship would be just as strong and I just thought it was something Patrick Ness just threw in there.

Okay it’s my time to shine, ready?



It hurt okay? Do you know the AGONY I went through and then Viola was about to murder that little biscuit and then I had to go eat dinner. (.-.)

This was a surprise, but not really a surprise. Knowing Patrick Ness, I KNEW there was going to be ONE MORE plot twist. It just happened so fast and 1017 didn’t even really…yea. I was kind of hoping he would miss.

My rant has been finished. This was a horrible book. Too much death and killing left and right. You don’t even have time to PROCESS IT BEFORE-WHOOPS-MY HAND SLIPPED AND I KILLED ANOTHER PERSON.

5/5 would totally recommend.