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House of Hades

Posted on Oct 18, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

House of Hades by Rick Riordan

There were seven demigods to begin with. Now there are only five.

With Percy and Annabeth struggling through the Underworld, the five other demigods must find a way to reach the Doors of Death in order to save Percy and Annabeth.

On top of that, they must also go through many enemies in there way. Gaea’s forces are rising, and they must stop it before it’s too late. Not to mention the Romans marching into Camp Half-Blood with only one idea in mind. Destroy.

Will the seven demigods succeed in accomplishing their goals? Or will all the obstacles in their way destory their hope?

This book! Just…gah. Usually, when I start a series, all of the books have already come out and I can just read them all. Even with this series, I only had to wait about 3 months for House of Hades to come out. I can’t believe people can actually wait for an year. …Or more however many days you waited.

First of all, Percy and Annabeth made it out alive yay! I sort of knew they would make it but hey, this is Rick Riordan we are talking about and I have heard many stories about him.

There was a lot more character interaction going on in this book and you know a lot more about them. I used to be a bit iffy on Jason, but now he’s okay.

He used to be put at a distance and cold, but now, I can kind of get it. The other demigods look at him as a leader since Percy is gone. Being leader can be stressful somtimes.

The different POV’s are awesome. Each character had their own problems and most of them were about not being good enough.

I would really like to know Nico more. Especially after we found out why he is a bit akward around Percy. He’s such a mysterious person and I would like to hear from him more even if it’s like…only one chapter.

Also! We got to see Calypso again! She seems different haha poor Leo. She definitely had some character development.  I really hope that she can get off the island. Calypso is a cool character.

Love this book! Can’t wait till I read Bloody of Olympus…5/5