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Posted on Oct 25, 2014 by in Book Reviews |

Hero by Mike Lupica

Fourteen-year-old Zach Harriman can feel the changes. The sharpening of his senses. The incredible strength. The speed, as though he can textmessage himself across miles. The confidence and the strange need to patrol Central Park at night. His dad had been a hero, a savior to America and a confidante of the president. Then he died, and the changes began in Zach. What Zach never knew was that his father was no ordinary man-he was a superhero, battling the world’s evil. This is a battle that has been waged for generations and that knows no boundaries.

And now it’s Zach’s turn to take on the fight. It’s Zach’s turn to become a hero.

It’s been a while since I read this book (or reviewed haha)

After finishing, I was kind of sitting there processing what happened. Now that I’ve had some time to think, this book is not all too great. Seriously, Splendors and Glooms was better than this plot and character wise. (Which really says something if you’ve read my review on it)┬áMaybe not character wise but plot wise definitely.

The characters were decent enough but they weren’t detailed. I couldn’t really connect with them. I can’t even remember their names now.

Now the plot and writing was not the greatest thing in the world. The author might be trying to make the readers interested but if you don’t say too much, it will just leave us uninterested. I wish the writing helped the reader be more involved and concerned about what will happen. In which, that didn’t occur with me.

Writing is okay-ish but the PLOT. The plot was horrific. There are “the bads” who we barely know. We barely knew what was happening and this ISN’T good because we WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING. We are kept in the dark TOO much. The books is very unclear. I suppose this is supposed to lure us into the next book but, oh wait-THERE HASN’T BEEN ANY NEWS ON THE SECOND BOOK.

This leaves us hanging and my interest level on reading this sequel is zero. I was 3/4 through the book and was wondering, aren’t we going to get any closure? The only thing I got was the old dude was his grandfather or something.

Not the greatest book in the world.