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Posted on Oct 27, 2013 by in Book Reviews |

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Tris and her friends finally escape the world of the factions, and now experience the world outside the fence. No more complicated lies, truths and twisted realities. But going outside just makes things more frustrating.

The world of factions they’ve known is now broken. Tris and Tobias must fight through the lies and betrayal in order to save the innocent lives back at home.

Bad book summary but whatever I just can’t right now. This book is so heart wrenching why do lives have to end?

Two POV’S though. It was amazing but really, it felt like the same person to be honest. Not really sure because I was drowning in my feels. Anyway, the different views were cool and awesome BUT THEN (major spoiler!) TRIS DIES AND EVERYONE IS SUFFERING!

I don’t think her death is unessecary, I just…so sad. Tris survives the death serum yay BUT DAVID! DUDE BRO! You just killed the main character! Then her mom appears and it’s sooooon sad.

Em…moving on to Tobias. His personality did become a little desperate during this book. He wasn’t the same person I knew in Divergent but hey, he went through a lot and you shouldn’t be hating on him.

Then there’s Evelyn who chooses Tobias when he came with the memory serum. That, in my opinion, wasn’t that surprising. She lived with Marcus of course they should have a “good bond”. (If you know what I mean)

As you can see, the characters were a major part in the story.

The plot is complex, but easy to understand. It was fast paced and if there wasn’t any guns shooting at stuff, there’s a lot of character tension.

I enjoyed the part when Tobias rode the zipline and was scattering Tris’s ashes. It’s really symbolic, and I found myself missing the days when the only problem was Tris fitting in the Dauntless. Those old days…I miss those.

I loved this book and words can’t describe how awesome it is and I wish Veronica didn’t murder my fave character.

5 out of 5